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Pasteurization Technology In Wastewater

Monday, December 26, 2011

Most communities in the U.S. treat their wastewater just enough to legally dump it, but not reuse it. Pasteurization Technology Group has developed an inexpensive treatment system that yields water clean enough to be returned to aquifers. Instead of using chlorine, the system pasteurizes wastewater by heating it to 180ºF. The warmth comes from the waste heat of a nearby electricity generator running on either natural gas or biogas produced by an associated sewage digester. A PTG water plant opening next year in California expects to make a $160,000 annual profit by selling its extra biogas-generated electricity. Even if the turbine is fueled with natural gas, the pasteurization is energy-efficient enough to be about half the cost of chlorine treatment.

This content was borrowed from Popular Science Magazine.

Volutherm Series Flash Pasteurizer Saves Time and Money

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Barry-Wehmiller Company and CBI Fleetwood, both divisions of FleetwoodGoldcoWyard, are offering the Volutherm series Flash Pasteurizer. The Flash Pasteurizer has been incredibly well received and successful in some of Europe's most known beverage and brewery companies and is now being manufactured in the United States to U.S. standards and available in North America. The Volutherm series Flash Pasteurizer, developed for the brewery and beverage market, can also be utilized in many aspects of the packaging market and offers clients continuous and consistent pasteurization for their products.

The pasteurization process is one of the most important unit operations in beverage processing. Continuous pasteurization has numerous advantages over the batch (vat) pasteurization method, such as time, hygiene and cost of operation – energy savings. The Volutherm series Flash Pasteurizer utilizes a high-temperature, short time (HTST) method for most continuous pasteurization processes. The heat treatment can be achieved using either a plate heat exchanger (PHE) or a tubular heat exchanger, depending upon the product being pasteurized. The capacity range is 10gpm to 300gpm and is sized to accommodate virtually any line speed.

Some of the features and benefits of the Volutherm series Flash Pasteurizer include gentle product handling, automated clean-in-place (CIP) / sterilization-in-place (SIP) with guaranteed repeatability at variable flow rates, process records and charting. The unit is compact in design and energy efficient – offering greater than 90% energy recovery. The Volutherm series Flash Pasteurizer meets all standards for safety and beverage operations. For more information, click here.