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Pasteurizer Belt Conversions

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Conversions from Walking Beam pasteurizers to belt generally do not cost justify until the machine structure has weakened to a point where the machines life extends by putting in belt. Even at that makes a pasteurizer conversion from walking beam to belt justify is not the bed conversion itself, but the energy improvements and other packaging improvements which can be done while you’re in the machine.
This is an expansion on the previous articles on purchasing used pasteurizers:   Guide to Purchasing a Used Pasteurizer (Tunnel) and, Buying a New (or Used) Tunnel or Flash Pasteurizer.
 This article is slightly different – covering the great opportunities that exist when purchasing and installing a used pasteurizer, used warmer, or used cooler.
In the process of purchasing and installing a piece of used machinery – or doing a pasteurizer bed conversion - there are innumerable opportunities which can be done for relatively negligible expense while the machine is being relocated and re-installed.
1.      Full Regeneration – Regeneration is the number one energy saving feature on a pasteurizer and can save more than $100,000 / year. Regeneration is not to be taken lightly and should be studied and optimized.
2.      Pasteurizer Belt, Shafts, & Bearings – These parts wear and create a significant amount of work to replace after the machine is in service. This is low hanging fruit. After the belts, Shafts, and bearings are in operation, the cost of replacement will double.
3.      Single Deck Sprays – Access and maintenance to lower deck sprays in the pasteurizer is a challenge after installation. Eliminating lower deck sprays is a positive step that will require the speeds of the decks and other adjustments, including (effectively) re-commissioning the pasteurizer. Chances are this change will not get made after the machine is back into production.
4.      Electrical Panels – if you can’t bring yourself to demo that panel and replace it with a new one before the machines installed – do you really believe it will happen after its fully wired? If you need it, it’s a good time to get a new electrical panel and drawing package with matching field tags.
5.      Spray Issues – Broken nozzles, pans, and overhead overspray issues will cause the machine to chew down utilities unnecessarily.
6.      PU / Process Control Improvements - Ensuring the process is proper and there is no overspray or communication of water between zones.
7.      Instrumentation Standardization and Replacement – This is your chance to standardize on components that make sense in your plant.
8.      Condensate RecoverySee Article on Condensate Recovery
9.      I/C Wedge – great opportunity if you have no round containers on the infeed.
10.  Insulated Top and Side Covers
12.  Chemical Dosing System Upgrades - Crude control of dosing can cost chemical spend as well as eat away at the pasteurizers stainless steel.
14.  Utility Monitoring Package


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