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Small Pasteurizer for MicroBrewerys and Copackers

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A new small pasteurizer targeted to low volume beverage copackers and Microbreweries has recently been released by Barry-Wehmiller. Although made for beer, the MicroSE shown at right is a copackers pasteurizer as it can serve as a dual function, dual process machine in modes of pasteurizer, beverage cooler, or beverage warmer; an ideal for the copacker and small brewery which often run a wide range of beverages and filling modes.

Product enters and leaves the pasteurizer from a single end, requiring no additional conveyor to add the machine to an existing packaging line. This presents a not-to-be-underestimated savings in conveyor cost, which rise significantly when they have to run around a pasteurizer. Additionally, the 'single end' feature allows product to "run by" the pasteurizer - A unique feature  for beer with live yeast or other products which don't require treatment.

Regeneration is the single most important energy saving option on a machine, and this small pasteurizer has it. The pasteurizer is available with live steam injection or an efficient coil heating system which allows for condensate recovery (reference related article on why this provides an important savings).

Per the manufacturer, the pasteurizer comes only in two sizes - 100 and 200, which are loosely matched to 100 and 200 Bottle Per Minute capacity.The pasteurization capacity can vary depending on the amount of pasteurization required.

Per the manufacturer the pasteurizer / cooler / warmer can be purchased for a price 'only slightly higher' than the price of  new beverage warmer or cooler of the same size. It has a PLC based control system and small HMI, and can be outfitted with PC based process monitoring. The machines aesthetics are suitable for tour quality brewery lines. Few microbreweries pasteurize, but as the craft brewery market grows and distribution lines continue to stretch, tunnel pasteurization is imminent in the craft market.


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