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Krones / Sander Hansen Shield Pasteurizer Copies Industry Front Runner Barry-Wehmiller Model H Pasteurizer

Monday, August 10, 2009

Attempting to bring back the Sander-Hansen name and giving credit to Sander-Hansen's Replacement in the market - Barry-Wehmiller. Krones has recently unveiled it's new design of pasteurizer; First the Sander-Hansen Channel, Krones - Shark, now the Sander Hansen Shield.

For nearly 100 years, Barry-Wehmiller has never separated from it's core beliefs of a heavily built structure and ease of maintenance access, and a consistent process in the PU control. Evidence of the Barry-Wehmiller design are evident throughout the new machine:
  • External Regenerative Piping giving access to all three sides of the machine
  • Open Architecture Infeed and Discharge Conveyors with adjustable Widths
  • Full Height Access Doors

The Deck Heights are still much higher than required which in many cases costs additional dollars in conveyor and conveyor control to get into and out of the pasteurizer. The marathon belt is still to be proven in the long run, and the machines control is still in a costly PC based based system that requires factory intervention to modify. The machine is a step in the right direction following the Shark pasteurizer and Sander-Hansen Channel Pasteurizer, both machines were arguably light-weighted to the point where many customers complained of machine life issues. While still not as cutting edge as the competition, the machine is a sign that Krones is responding to the loss of many major North American Brewery customers.