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Typical Pasteurization PU Values for Beer and Juice Products

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pasteurization values can vary depending on points of measurement in the package and if the PU's are considered to begin accumulation at 120 or 125 degrees F. Under pasteurizing fails to neutralize yeast and flavor changing enzymes, over pasteurizing tends to degrade flavor and nutrients in the product.

All forms of pasteurization are considered compromise between "boiling" (considered sterilization) and no treatment. In addition to pasteurization consideration should be given to the discharge temperature of the package when considering a new or used pasteurizer.

UltraLight Lagers are considered to have been filtered to below the 2 micron level which removes larger particles (including yeast) from the product.

Pasteurizers should achieve three main objectives:
  1. The process of pasteurization
  2. Achieve a discharge temperature suitable for downstream operations
  3. Provide a consistent treatment to all products such that equal flavor properties are achieved across all production

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Anonymous said...

I want t to ask abot relationship between pasteurization value and shelf life. principally effect high pasteurization value is high shelf life. but if the opposite, what are effected that?thanks

May 4, 2010 at 2:04 AM

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