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Consumption of Flash Pasteurized Products During Pregnancy

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We receive inquiries from pregnant mothers who have written in attempting to understand if the products (mostly juices and ciders) marked "flash pasteurized" are fit for their consumption.

The difference between "Pasteurization" and "Flash Pasteurization" is straight forward and something all of us can understand. A product that is "pasteurized" has been pasteurized in the bottle after it has been filled. This indicates that both the product and the container were pasteurized together, and is the safest form of pasteurization.

"Flash Pasteurized" products were pasteurized in the pipe prior to filling. This indicates that the juice was pasteurized prior to being put into the bottle and having the cap applied. For information on pasteurization and eggs or pasteurization and raw milk - click here.

If you have a favorite juice which is "flash pasteurized" it is likely fine. You are trusting that the bottle and cap were clean and the required precautions were taken.If you are not comfortable with that answer, stick to products which are marked "Pasteurized". In particular, as we have toured the plant, Martinelli's Juice is tunnel pasteurized after filling.

If the juice is in a carton, it was likely filled aseptically (in a sterile clean environment) and the risk is relatively low that that the package was allowed to pick-up any contaminants. For other topics related to pasteurization and pregnancy, there is a link to a resource center on the FDA website below.

Link To FDA Website

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