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Great Brief on Processing Differences between Pasteurization and Homogenization

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pasteurization is by definition a balance. Boiling any product will surely kill the bacteria at the expense of also breaking down nutrients. The difference between UHT and HTST & Tunnel are that UHT is meant to Sterilize, while Flash and Tunnel are meant to pasteurize.
The values shown above utilitize Milk as the product to be treated. Ironically, UHT is a higher temperature and shorter time that HTST. Values can be adjusted slightly depending on the product for Tunnel and Flash processes.
Homogenization is not related to pasteurization. It is the process used to separate (generally milk) into cream and skim (non fat) milk. This is done by taking advantage of the natural separation which occurs during chilling.
Most importantly, tunnel pasteurization is the only process which pasteurizes both the product and the package.


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