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Part IV - Summary Results of Case Study - Flash Pasteurization Vs. Tunnel Pasteurization

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Note; the following article is an excerpt from a (now) more complete article here.

Process Considerations

 All three options are capable to produce good biological stability for the Light Lager line

 May encounter technical difficulties with the Malta Beer production in Sterile Filtration and Flash Pasteurization
 Slow filtration throughput due to High viscosity (sugar concentration) – multiple stages of filtration needed
 High sugar/protein concentrations require high PU, and the flash pasteurizer plates may be scorched/baked, reduce pasteurization capacity and allow contamination point – high maintenance cost and potential damage to the flash pasteurizer

Sanitation Considerations

 Minimum changes required for Tunnel Pasteurization

 Sterile Filtration and Flash Pasteurization both require a “Clean room” and Aseptic Filler
 Aseptically maintained
 Positive pressurized (HEPA filter)
 Sterile bottles and crowns
 Additional QA personnel required

QA/QC: Sanitation

 Tunnel Pasteurization
 The whole product (beer, crown, bottle) are pasteurized
 No new issues to consider

 Sterile Filtration and Flash pasteurization
 Clean room needed – maintenance required
- Clean room sanitation and biological sampling
- Aseptic filler sanitation and biological sampling
 Biological stability control of the product
- Frequent bottled sample plating
(especially important for the Malta Beer)

QA/QC: Flavor

 Whenever there are changes in process, changes in flavor should be considered / controlled

 Sterile Filtration may strip flavors
 May be lesser an issue for the Light Lager line
 May severely affect the flavor profile of the Malta Beer
 Flash Pasteurization
 Potential minor flavor change for the Light Larger line
 May induce burning flavor into the Malta Beer

 Sensory tests need to be conducted


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