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Part III - Operating Cost Analysis Packaging - Tunnel Pasteurization Vs. Flash Pasteurization Case Study

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Note; the following article is an excerpt from a (now) more complete article here.

The continued look at flash vs. Tunnel and filtration in terms of operating costs once again shows some eye opening data. If a warmer is needed the energy savings of the flash pasteurizer is not fully realized. The "shocker" in this study is the comparison with filtration. According to this case study the cost of filters was higher than anticipated, indicating that sterile filtration would be the highest of all the options.

If you read the initial post the case study is for a brewery in the Carribean. The view on affluent is that it was (in this case) "free". The students at the brewing academy calculated that the flushing of the filters would send more water to drain than the tunnel, and the warmer would send water to drain even when the packaging line was under continuos running conditions.

The reality is that a cooling tower (to cool and re-use water and avoid effluent) was left out of all three studies but would only serve useful purpose in the tunnel and flash pasateurization scenarios.

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packaging equipment said...

very interesting analysis - i didn't realize filters would end up being such a large part of the overall cost.

July 1, 2010 at 2:23 PM

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