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The Basics of Applications - Tunnel Pasteurization Vs. Flash Pasteurization

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Many operations today find themselves deliberating over tunnel vs. flash pasteurization, as well as other technologies and their implications (such as the effects of filtration, hot filling, etc) in the equation.

As a precursor to articles forthcoming some basic statements should be made:
  1. Both are effective technologies in most applications.
  2. Tunnel pasteurization pasteurizes both the product and the package. Flash pasteurizes only the product.
  3. The technology which is the right decision for your operation is more complicated than "one machine vs. another". To find the right decisions a number of factors must be weighed, including your confidence in operational disciplines of your organization.
  4. For most products, if they are "shelf stable" whatever happens to them in the journey from your plant to the consumer will affect them more from a flavor perspective than either technology.

Consider these basic points as we look forward to further analysis in Tunnel Vs. Flash next week.

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Pete said...

I see the site is just getting started. I hope you continue to post at levels of increasing knowledge. This is an area where good information would be well received as there is little well founded analysis on the web.


April 29, 2009 at 9:32 AM

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